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       Each house is under the charge of a House – Master and Tutors. House – Captains  & Vice – Captains help the house – Master in the efficient running of the house. The students are trained to shoulder responsibilities through the monitorial system.

The house –Master keeps in close touch with their progress, well being and behavior. A cumulative report is maintained by the house – Master.

The curriculum comprises of the following:

•    Language and Effective Communication Skills
•    Mathematical Studies and Analytical Skills
•    Awareness of Historical Facts, Geographical Knowledge and Environmental Factors
•    Development of Scientific Temperament
•    Physical Education

Co-Curricular Activities

The school recognizes the importance of holistic education with equal emphasis on Academics, Physical Activities, and Creative and Artistic Endeavors. Keeping this in mind the students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of pursuits. Students of classes VI-X have S.U.P.W. as part of their curriculum wherein they are imparted lessons in Dance, Yoga, Vocal and Instrumental Music. The school is reputed for excellence in Debates, Quizzing, Drama, Music, Dance, and Art & Craft. 
They are also involved in a wide range of the art of Origami, Theatre in the classroom, Papier Mache, Kite making, Public Speaking, Communication Skills, Confidence Building, Leadership Initiative, Environment Conservation and so on Creative and Aesthetic and Personality Development Activities, Music, Fine Arts, Dance, Drama, Public Speaking, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Gender Studies, Goal Setting, Time Management, Leadership Development, Technological Applications and Activities, Career Orientation and Guidance.